Demo (2005)

by Subtle Revenge

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released December 12, 2005



all rights reserved


RSR Singapore

RSR is simply the result of two Lion City Hardcore bands combined. Recover x Subtle Revenge. Consisting 2 members from each band, they decided to carry on what was left behind from the remnants of both bands.

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Track Name: Antidote
We need a cure, the antidote, a remedy
The poison that consumes our mind is running free
If we just sit to think, we would realize
The antidote lies in you and I

What we need, we'll achieve
We will strive for unity
What we need, we'll achieve
The antidote is you and me

We will strive
We will find
The cure is you and me
Track Name: Bring It Back
GIve me the strength, the fire to burn
The things that we had we make it all return
Though we are all just a minor threat
We still have more to say

While we look small and weak
We'll bring it back
Will not admit defeat
We'll bring it back

Now's the time to shine, be proud of who we are
If we just stand one, our dreams will sure go far
There's nothing to fear if we believe in what we stand
Believe in what we stand

The years that we have gone to
There's no regrets
The things that we have strived for
There's no regrets

Now sing it once again
We'll bring it back
Track Name: Strategi Kehidupan
Lihat hidup manusia
Penuh benci sesama sendiri
Tak pernah puas dengan apa yang ada
Hanya pandai memusnahkan diri

Strategi Kehidupan
Untuk aku dan engkau
Strategi Kehidupan
Satu Cabaran

Henti segala gejala buruk yang melanda
Di dalam sifat manusia
Apa yang ada berpuas hati
Apa yang kurang kita usaha

Strategi Kehidupan
Satu Cabaran
Satu Panduan
Satu Cabaran
Satu Penyelesaian
Track Name: Abused
Countless of children have passed away as an act of child abuse
They've been kicked slapped and whipped as an act of child abuse
We have got to do something about this.
Stop child abuse.

Track Name: Beneath The Skin
Look at us today
So many left astray
So much hate that breeds
Between you and me

Aren't we ashamed
To be based on paradigms
Let's break the chains
That binds you and I

What we are beneath the skin
Look inside beneath the skin
What we're made beneath the skin
Is more that what you think

To think your greatness comes from what you wear
Or from what you look like
Just makes you a fool

Is your skin black
Or even if it's white
There's no colour that matters
Because we're all the same

I'd rather be faceless than be judged by my skin
Track Name: Grief
The days that come have turned into night
Rain just welcomes death again
When cries are meant to beg for help

What do we gain from this
What do we get from this
What benefits do we take
From these acts of war

Freedom is just an uncertainty
What lurks behind might just stab and kill
Safety does not exist

The days are dying
They wonder who's next in line